Keeping America Moving

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  BioEnergy Fuel
  325 East Forest Ave.
  Box 1124
  Sherman, TX 75091
  Phone (903) 893-1181
  Fax (903) 892-8783

Keeping America Moving

BioEnergy Fuel is a company that offers biodiesel as a renewable energy source. 

Every day 24% of the imported crude oil was refined into diesel fuel.  By adding low levels of biodiesel to the diesel we use every day we can significantly reduce our dependence on other nations as an energy provider and look to our farmers right here in America to deliver our energy needs. 

Biodiesel can be used at any blend, including 100 percent.  BioEnergy Fuel offers a B20 blend (20% biodiesel, 80% diesel) which is recommended as it is considered the best blend for normal use in conventional engines for its air quality improvements.